Concurrent Visits for Parents

The ideal albeit costly solution to address parental needs would be for parents to be seen by another person while the young person is having their appointment (24). Imperative to such visits is both informing the adolescent that their parent wishes to talk over their concerns to another member of the team whilst they are being seen. Furthermore, both the young person and the parent should be made aware of their rights to confidentiality. Nurse specialists often take on this role. Another solution is to facilitate a parents support group that takes place for the duration of the clinic, where support and education could be provided. This may be facilitated by a

Table 2 Preparing for Adolescent Rheumatology Clinic Appointments as a Parent

Before the appointment I talked about the appointment with my son/daughter the night before I made a list of questions to ask with my son/daughter At the appointment

I let my son/daughter talk about his/ her ideas, questions, and concerns I let my son/daughter be seen alone

After the appointment I talked about the appointment with my child afterwards My questions were all answered and/ or my concerns were all listened to

Not at all

Not at all

For none of the visit

Not at all Not at all

A little bit

A little bit

For part of the visit

A little bit A little bit

A lot

All the time

For all of the visit

All the time All the time

Note: Some parents find it difficult to let their son/daughter take charge of his or her own health care. Think about what happened at your last clinic appointment and circle the best response, then discuss it with a team member.

volunteer from a charitable group or it could be another health care professional. This is an invaluable opportunity for parents/carers. Remember that they will always be wondering what is happening in the room with the doctor.

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