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You want to say all these things, but then you stop yourself and you think you're just a teenager.

They think that . . . you won't understand what it means or how it'll work, but you do really; you just need a little more information sometimes.

Some of the medical terms, like these quite big long posh words . . . . I didn't know what they meant. I didn't understand. I didn't want to ask.

They do talk way over your head.

They talk at you.

He talks down to you, well with me anyway. He never seemed to realize that I had grown up. He thought I was still a child.

Your options should be discussed as well in front of you with your parents... not while you're getting dressed in the treatment room.

You get really fed up with other people making the decisions because it is your body, and you want a say in it.

Somewhere, the parents can't butt in. How many people just sit there and their parents just like go off, and it's like about them, excuse me, this is about me thank you very much.

I don't know why they ask parents, it isn't parents that have got the arthritis.

Sometimes it's better when I'm by myself. I just speak up more.

You'd feel a little bit more independent, this is good because it is my body and my arthritis, and I'm talking about it and you haven't got your parents there all the time.

My parents are quite cool. They ask "Do you want us to come in?" and I say no I'd rather go in by myself, because I feel that I achieve more by going in and talking to him, if they're there, he (the doctor) just ignores me and talks to them, and I just come out and don't feel any thing has been achieved.

If you've been with the same person, a long time, you get a little bit of attention, and you do ask more questions. But... when you're jumping from pillar to post—like I was seen by 6 doctors in one year—then I just didn't want to talk to them, but if you stay at the same doctor you tend to get a bit closer, to open up.

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