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Arthritis is mean Arthritis is cruel I didn't like it But I got to miss school

How long you are in for you do not know You need to drink and eat to keep you on the go You may not want to but you have to The doctors and nurses will help you.

They ask questions, it's really boring Soon they'll have you snoring and snoring When they take blood it seems mean But doctors are really keen. When you feel better And can take off your own sweater Avoid the cannula, it's not nice It busts your hopes by a real slice

After that it will feel nicer When they've taken out the slicer After that you can go home And leave the hospital dome

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Arthritis Relief and Prevention

Arthritis Relief and Prevention

This report may be oh so welcome especially if theres no doctor in the house Take Charge of Your Arthritis Now in less than 5-Minutes the time it takes to make an appointment with your healthcare provider Could you use some help understanding arthritis Maybe a little gentle, bedside manner in your battle for joint pain relief would be great Well, even if you are not sure if arthritis is the issue with you or your friend or loved one.

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