Worldwide Consumption Of Beers And Brews

About 128.6 billion liters of beer were commercially produced in the world in 1997 according to the World Drink Trends, 1999 Edition (cited in Alcoweb). The United States led the world in beer production, producing 23.6 billion liters of beer in 1997. China followed with 17.0 billion liters, and Germany rounded out the top three in beer production volume with 11.5 billion liters. For the same year, World Drink Trends reports that the Czech Republic drank the most beer, consuming 161.4 liters per person. Other countries leading in beer consumption were the Republic of Ireland (152.0 liters per person) and Germany (131.2 liters per person). A 1999 study conducted by Euromonitor cited in Prepared Foods reported that the United States led the world in beer consumption, consuming over 17 billion liters. Beverage World International cites another Euromonitor study that lists the top three brewers for 1997 as Anheuser-Busch, Heineken, and Miller Brewing. Figures 1-3 show the relative distribution of the top drinking and brewing nations, as well as the top brewing companies.

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