Violencerelated Trauma

Both fatal and nonfatal injuries commonly result from violence, and these injuries are more likely to be alcohol-related than injuries from any other cause, for men and for women, regardless of age. Such injuries are considered intentional and include those nonfatal injuries resulting from assaults and fights, as well as fatal injuries from homicides and suicides. Alcohol is more likely to be involved in fatal injuries from violence than in nonfatal injuries treated in an ER in the same geographic locality, and a positive BAC in nonfatal injuries among ER patients has been found to range from 17 to 70 percent (Cherpitel, 1993b). These figures refer to alcohol involvement among the victims of violence-related events, and little is known about the alcohol involvement of the perpetrator of such events, but the correlation is thought to also be high. ER patients with violence-related injuries are also more likely to be heavier drinkers and to report alcohol-related problems than those with injuries from other causes.

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