The Realities Of Drug Control

As presidential administrations have discovered, an effective drug policy is easier to design than to carry out. The drug issue is a typical chicken-and-egg problem. Does supply drive demand or vice versa? The drug-consuming countries traditionally blame the suppliers for drug epidemics, while drug-producing countries allege that without foreign demand, local farmers would not be growing the drug crop at all. Planners must therefore strike the right balance between reducing drug supply and demand. In theory, eliminating drug cultivation in the source countries is the most economical solution, since it keeps drugs from entering the system and acquiring any value as a finished product. Few Source-Country governments—all of which are in developing nations—will, however, deprive farmers of a livelihood without substantial compensation from abroad. And the price they seek is usually more than the U.S. government is prepared to pay.

Dealing With Drugs

Dealing With Drugs

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