Smoking Cessation Efforts By Agencies

Many diseases caused by smoking—cancer, heart disease, lung disease—have agencies concerned with furthering research, dissemination of public health information, and treatment of the disease. The Cancer Society, the Lung Association, and the Heart Foundation are voluntary, charitable organizations. Each has developed materials and programs to promote smoking cessation. The measured treatment effects of simple stop-smoking pamphlets are small, but since they can reach many smokers at very low cost, they should be viewed as beneficial elements of the public-health efforts to support smoking cessation. U.S. government agencies concerned with smoking and smoking-related disease have also developed and promoted materials and procedures to foster smoking cessation.

The voluntary agencies have supported smoking cessation efforts in the workplace, by providing smoking-treatment services and by promoting smoking bans in the workplace. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) increasingly offer help to smokers who are trying to quit. In addition to workplaces, many public places, such as restaurants and other public buildings, now prohibit smoking on their premises. Just as social pressures encouraged many smokers to start the habit, social pressures might encourage them to stop. Once it was fashionable to be a cigarette smoker; now it is becoming fashionable to stop smoking.

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