Sheila B Blume Gammaaminobutyric Acid Gaba

This is an amino acid derived by a single-step decarboxylation from Glutamate. GABA is the most abundant (in micromolar concentrations/mg of protein) inhibitory NEUROTRANSMITTER—and it is found throughout the animal kingdom. Its role as a neurotransmitter was first defined for the inhibitory nerve in lobster muscle, where GABA accounted for the total inhibitory potency of nerve extracts. A central inhibitory neurotransmitter role for GABA

was securely established only when selective ANTAGONISTS, such as bicuculline, discriminated GABA receptors and pathways from glycine, a related inhibitory amino acid neurotransmitter. GABA actions and receptors for GABA have been linked to central nervous system sedatives such as

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