Scott E Lukas Revised by Andrew J Homburg

Complications Through their ethanol (alcohol) content, alcoholic beverages significantly affect the body's cellular function as well as its cognitive actions. Many of these effects are the consequence of a complex set of biochemical reactions, long-term exposure to ethanol with an accumulation of damage that is manifested in diverse ways, or the result of increased incidence or severity of major disease states, including AIDS, CANCER, or heart disease. However, some effects of ethanol are immediate and do not require prolonged exposure, nor are they induced as the end product of many physiological changes. For example, ethanol induces changes in cell membranes' fluidity by mixing with the lipids there. The membrane changes inhibit neurological functions and thus can cause car ACCIDENTS. All of these can occur with a single exposure and thus could be considered a direct effect of the ethanol in alcoholic beverages.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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