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PAREGORIC A camphorated OPIUM tincture; tinctures of opium are alcoholic extracts of opium, widely used in the treatment of diarrhea. Paregoric contains powdered opium, anise oil, ben-zoic acid, camphor, glycerin, and diluted alcohol. With only 0.4 milligrams per milliliter of MORPHINE in 45 percent alcohol, it is more dilute than opium tincture—and the taste of the camphorated formula is generally disliked, helping to minimize excessive use or abuse.

Although paregoric is not indicated for bacterial or parasitic causes of diarrhea, it can be very helpful for other causes. Taken orally, it effectively slows down the gastrointestinal transit of wastes and enhances resorption of fluid from the intestine. Doses that effectively treat diarrhea typically do not cause euphoria or analgesia; however, excessive doses can be abused and can lead to DEPENDENCE.

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