Registration Ordering Quotas And Records Of Controlled Drugs

Each individual or institution engaged in manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing any controlled drug must be authorized by and register annually with federal and state drug-enforcement agencies, unless specifically exempted. A unique registration number is assigned to each individual or institution registered under the act. A separate registration is required for practitioners who dispense narcotic drugs to individuals for the purpose of addiction treatment (such as METHADONE and

LAAM [l-Alpha-Acetylmethadol] for opioid detoxification or maintenance).

All orders for Schedule I and II drugs must be made using a special narcotic order form. Proof of registration is required when ordering Schedule III-V drugs.

Annual production quotas are established for drugs in Schedule I and Schedule II. Everyone registered to handle controlled drugs must maintain records, conduct inventories, and file periodic reports specific to their business or professional activity.

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