Recommendations Of The Ngisc

The NGISC's (1999) two-year examination of gambling in the United States has been the most extensive and systematic study of the state of seventy-four recommendations for changes in policies and practices for the public and private and Native American sectors of the gambling industry, state regulators, and the federal government. Some of the major recommendations include:

• A pause in the processing of all new gambling applications to allow for adequate assessment of the gambling already in place

• A rollback of all convenience gambling in communities and a halt to authorization of all new convenience gambling

• A restriction of the minimum legal gambling age to 21

• A ban on betting on collegiate and amateur athletics

• A ban on all aggressive gambling advertisements, and the creation of responsible gambling advertisement guidelines

• Prohibition of Internet gambling not already authorized

• A ban on ATM and credit card machines within or near the immediate gambling area

• Gambling establishments policies to ensure the safety of children and prevent underage gambling

• School programs from the elementary through college level should include warning of the dangers of gambling

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