Public Awareness And Education

MADD is involved in various efforts to raise public awareness and concern about drunk driving. The ''National Candlelight Vigil of Remembrance and Hope ' is held in many locations each December, drawing victims together to give public testimony to the suffering that results from drunk driving. During the ''Red Ribbon Tie One On for Safety'' campaign, which takes place between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, MADD encourages citizens to attach a red ribbon to their car as a reminder to themselves and others to drive sober. MADD's well-known public awareness campaign of the past used the slogan, ''Think . . . Don't Drink and Drive ' in public-service announcements on radio and television and in print materials. A more recent campaign, ''Keep It a Safe Summer'' (KISS) emphasized the need for sobriety during recreational activities that involve driving, boating, or other risky activities. MADD also provides curriculum materials for schools and each year sponsors a poster and essay contest for children on the subject of drunk driving.

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