Operation PAR, Inc. (Parental Awareness & Responsibility) was founded in 1970 by Florida State Attorney James T. Russell, former Pinellas County Sheriff Don Genung, County Commissioner Charles Rainey, and Shirley Coletti, a concerned parent. In the years since its founding, PAR has developed one of the largest nonprofit systems of substance-abuse

Education, Prevention, Treatment, and Research in the United States. At present, PAR operates more than twenty-five substance-abuse programs in nineteen locations in Florida. Operation PAR's Therapeutic Community (TC) has been in continuous operation since 1974. The program targets individuals who are severely dysfunctional and who exhibit antisocial behaviors as a result of substance abuse. The facility is an important alternative to incarceration for criminal courts throughout central Florida. Approximately 70 percent of clients have histories of significant involvement with the criminal-justice system.

Overall services provided by PAR TC include individual and group counseling, counseling groups for special populations, aa and na support groups, on-site educational services, vocational training and a job placement program, work experience, recreational therapy, and parenting therapy and classes. In April 1990, services were expanded to include residential living, called PAR Village, for the children of maternal substance abusers.

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

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