ONDCP Demand Reduction Working Group

Chaired by the ONDCP deputy director for demand reduction, the working group coordinates policies, objectives, and outreach activities for treatment, education and prevention, workplace, and international demand reduction.

Research and Development Committee. Chaired by the director of ONDCP, the committee provides policy guidance for R&D activities of all federal drug control agencies, including the following R&D working committees— The Data Committee. Improves the relevance, timeliness, and usefulness of drug-related data collection, research studies, and evaluations of both demand-related and supply-related activities. The Medical Research Committee. Coordinates policy and general objectives on medical research by federal drug-control agencies and promotes the dissemination of research findings. The ONDCP Science and Technology Committee. Chaired by the ONDCP chief scientist, the committee is responsible for oversight of counterdrug research and development throughout the federal government.

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