Need For A Comprehensive Plan

Few epidemiological studies have been undertaken primarily due to an underestimation of gambling's impact on all levels of the community. Most communities lack a comprehensive approach and systematic methodology to determine the overall value of gambling to the community. Given the rush to profit from the popularity of gambling, most state and local governments have not systematically planned (e.g., articulated-short and long-term goals) and conducted a comprehensive study of the likely impact of new or significantly expanded gambling on their communities. Economic projections and gambling regulation have been the primary interests. Consequences can be enormous if initial assessments are not comprehensive, thorough, and accurate. Once gambling is introduced, it is very difficult to roll it back as governments become highly dependent on the revenue. Further, evaluation and monitoring programs have typically not been set up to assess the impact of gambling on communities over time. Needed are the short- and long-term assessment of social costs, the extent to which projected economic benefits have been met and sustained, and the extent to which gambling has changed the communities in other positive and negative ways (NGISC, 1999).


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