Marathon House

In 1966, streetworkers for Progress for Providence (Rhode Island) began to acknowledge a growing community presence of Heroin, heroin dealers, and addicts. Representatives from this organization pursued training with Daytop Village, seeking technical assistance to establish a Providence-based initiative. Marathon House, the first New England-based Therapeutic Community, was established in Coventry, Rhode Island, in October 1967.

In successive years, additional facilities were opened in Massachusetts and Connecticut. A facility for Adolescents in Middletown, Rhode Island, began operating in 1970. While relatively short lived, it laid the groundwork for those modified therapeutic communities Marathon currently operates throughout New England. In February 1971, Marathon acquired a historically significant property in Dublin, New Hampshire, the Dublin Inn. In the 1990s, this facility became the center for three distinct Marathon programs: the original New Hampshire adult therapeutic community, the Lodge at Dublin, a facility for male adolescents, and the Alcohol Crisis Intervention Unit, a small social-setting detoxification facility. In 1999, Marathon became an affiliate of Phoenix House.

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