Institute On Black Chemical Abuse Ibca

Founded in 1975, the Institute on Black Chemical Abuse (2616 Nicollet Avenue S, Minneapolis,

MN 55408; 612-871-7878) is an open-membership organization that provides culturally specific programs and client services for the African-American community. IBCA defines cultural specificity as the creation of an environment that encourages and supports the exploration, recognition, and acceptance of African-American identity and experience, including the unique history associated with being African American in the United States and the role that racial identity plays in drug dependence. Programs are designed to address the devastating effects of the drug-abuse problem on this community. Services are provided in assessment and intervention for outpatient treatment and aftercare, black co-dependency issues, home-based support, and for pregnant women and young children.

IBCA's efforts in the community provide training and prevention resources to educate those who face the problems of substance abuse. The Technical Assistance Center (TAC) offers training workshops, program consultation, and resource materials on African Americans and substance abuse. TAC also educates and trains clergy members working with these issues in the community. The IBCA prevention programs have involved school and business leaders in social-policy programs aimed at establishing community awareness of substance-abuse issues; the Drug Free Zones program, in particular, has received national recognition.

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