Hazelden Foundation

Hazelden (PO Box 11, CO3, Center City, MN 55012-0011; 800-257-7810) was established in 1949; it was one of the pioneering programs that developed the approach to treatment that is now widely known as the Minnesota Model. Today, the private, nonprofit Hazelden Foundation operates residential rehabilitation programs (main headquarters in Center City, Minnesota, with additional facilities in Illinois, Minnesota, New York, and Florida) providing Minnesota Model treatment for thousands of adult alcoholic, drug-dependent men and women each year. Hazelden offers accredited distance learning programs for addiction studies, and in 2000, granted its first master of arts degrees in Addiction Counseling.

Residential treatment consists of an open-ended stay lasting an average of twenty-eight days. Primary rehabilitation is done by a staff of trained counselors who are also working their own programs of recovery. During the first week of primary rehabilitation, the staff concentrates on problem identification, guided by assessments of psychological, spiritual, health, social activities, and chemical-use profiles. After the client's problem is identified, an individual treatment plan is formulated both for and with the client. Goals, objectives, and methods are identified in the treatment plan and progress in meeting these expectations is monitored. Treatment at Hazelden is integrated with the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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