Group Versus Individual Therapies

Much of the instruction and support that is part of smoking treatment can be done individually— one-on-one—with clients or can be delivered to a group of clients. Group programs have been used to provide hypnotism, educational therapies, behavioral therapies, and combined therapies. There is no clear scientific evidence indicating which delivery system is best, but it is clear that group programs can be less expensive than individual programs and that some clients have strong personal preferences for how they wish to receive treatment: Some enjoy the group support and like to share their experiences in a group; others find such involvement with groups unpleasant or embar rassing. As for the efficacy of such therapies, researchers have found that the more time counselors spend with smokers in a treatment session, the higher the likelihood of cessation. Longer duration of treatment in weeks and the total number of treatment sessions is also associated with improved odds of smoking cessation.

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