Glues are made by dissolving a sticky or adhesive material in a solvent. When the solvent evaporates, the adhesive material remains attached to the surfaces to which it is applied, sticking them together. Glues are complex mixtures formulated for specific purposes. They are not designed for human consumption. When inhaled, they may produce severe injury or death. Most of the solvents used in glues are flammable, and fires have resulted from their inappropriate use. The solvent mixtures in glues and glue thinners are designed to dissolve the solid glue material and to evaporate evenly at a rate appropriate for the product. Solvents of relatively low industrial purity are used in these products; they are usually complex mixtures whose formulation changes with market price. Their toxicity can be great when concentrated and inhaled. Some manufacturers label their products or add irritants in an attempt to dissuade youths from deliberately inhaling these products.

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