Federal Drug Management Office Of Management And Budget

Opened in 1973 as a unique office within OMB, Federal Drug Management (FDM) was designed to manage federal activities directed at illegal drugs during a time of rapid expansion and major reorga nization. FDM continued in operation until early


FDM Chiefs. Walter C. Minnick, 1973-1974 Edward E. Johnson, 1974-1977.

Authorization and Role. Established by OMB memorandum, the authority of the staff office and the budget for operating expenses were derived from OMB. Initially, FDM was responsible for coordinating the implementation of drug policy, resolving interagency disputes, assisting drug agencies with reorganization and management, and working closely with other inter-agency drug-coordinating structures. In August 1974, FDM's budget and management responsibilities reverted to the normal OMB divisions and FDM continued to provide Executive Office oversight of the domestic and international drug abuse programs, interdepartmental coordination, and staff support to the cabinet councils on drug abuse.

Located in the Old Executive Office Building, FDM's five-person staff functioned with little public visibility. Working with other OMB staff, FDM guided the implementation of Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1973, including union negotiations. FDM continued through the Ford Administration, providing staff assistance and policy advice to OMB, the Domestic Council, and the National Security Council. FDM was eliminated in early 1977 during the transition to the Carter Administration.

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