Drug Abuse Policy Office Dapo Office Of Policy Development

Similar in organization and responsibilities to the preceding DPO, the Drug Abuse Policy Office (DAPO) was the principal EOP drug-abuse staff during the eight years of President Ronald W. Reagan's administration. In 1981, DAPO was established within the White House Office of Policy Development.

Directors. Carlton E. Turner, 1981-1986 (also Special Assistant to the President; promoted in March 1985 to Deputy assistant to the President).

Dr. Donald Ian MacDonald, 1987-1989, (Special Assistant to the President; promoted in August 1988 to Deputy Assistant to the President).

Authorization and Role. The statutory basis for the office (21 USC 1111 & 1112) required the president to establish a system to assist with drug abuse policy functions and to designate a single officer to direct the drug functions. Presidential Executive Order 12368, signed on June 24, 1982, assigned the Office of Policy Development (OPD) to assist the president with drug-abuse policy functions, including international and domestic drug-abuse functions by all executive agencies. The director of ODAP was responsible for advising the president on drug-abuse matters and assisting Nancy D. Reagan and her staff in developing the First Lady's drug-abuse prevention program.

The director and staff developed policies regarding all aspects of drug abuse, including drug law enforcement, international control, and health-related prevention and treatment activities for both government and the private sector. DAPO coordinated the development and publication of 1982 and 1984 drug-abuse strategies.

In October 1984, Public Law 98-473, which created the National Drug Enforcement Policy Board to oversee drug law enforcement, also included a new statutory duty for DAPO; ''to insure coordination between the National Drug Enforcement Policy Board and the health issues associated with drug abuse.''

In March 1987, Executive Order 12590 established a National Drug Policy Board (NDPB) to assist the president in formulating all drug-abuse policy, replacing the director of DAPO in that role. The new executive order made the director a member of the NDPB and assigned DAPO to assist both the president and the NDPB in the performance of drug-policy functions. The DAPO director assisted in developing the health-related aspects of the national drug strategy published in the board's 1988 report Toward a Drug-Free America—The National Drug Strategy and Implementation Plans.

DAPO was terminated early in the administration of President George H. Bush by Public Law 100-690, which created the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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