Dosage And Administration

In Canada, Temposil is available as round, white 50-mg tablets engraved with the letters "LL" and "U13." The usual dosage is 50 or 100 mg every twelve hours. The drug should never be given to an intoxicated patient and preferably no sooner than 36 hours after the last drink.

Calcium carbimide should be used with caution in patients with asthma, coronary artery disease, or myocardial disease.

In the event of an overdose, the patient should be given pure (100%) oxygen by mask or antihista-mines administered intravenously.

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Coping with Asthma

Coping with Asthma

If you suffer with asthma, you will no doubt be familiar with the uncomfortable sensations as your bronchial tubes begin to narrow and your muscles around them start to tighten. A sticky mucus known as phlegm begins to produce and increase within your bronchial tubes and you begin to wheeze, cough and struggle to breathe.

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