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Three science-based treatment research protocols will start in 2000, including two behavioral therapies developed to enhance treatment outcomes, and one that will test a new medication for use in opiate detoxification. Several other protocols are currently being developed. All treatment components to be tested have been shown to be effective in controlled research environments.

When complete, it is expected that the network will consist of twenty to thirty nodes consisting of regional research treatment centers linked to ten to fifteen community-based treatment programs that represent the variety of settings and patient populations prevalent in that particular region of the country. The CTN will help ensure that treatment research in drug abuse and addiction meets the needs of the wider community, including minorities, women, children, adolescents, and un-derserved populations. The CTN will also be useful to other aspects of NIDA's research portfolio. For example, multi-site clinical trials with diverse patient populations will provide a valuable resource to researchers interested in elucidating genetic and environmental determinants of vulnerability. Ultimately, increased understanding of the roles played by genetics, environment, and their interaction in shaping an individual s susceptibility to drug addiction will lead to a variety of more targeted drug abuse prevention and treatment approaches. For more information, visit NIDA's website at

For more information about NIDA's National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network, visit the NIDA website at

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