Coerced Treatment Outcomes

Drug treatment provided through the criminal justice system has had successes. As a result, coerced drug treatment, for example, has been separated into categories, including Civil Commitment (supervision of parolees with urine testing), Criminal Justice Authority (community corrections), urine testing, offender community treatment services (community drug abuse treatment) and treatment in prisons and jails. The research on drug treatment for drug offenders has grown. The interest in examining interventions comes from

(1) the decreased anti-rehabilitation atmosphere in the criminal justice system (Martinson,

(2) data which have shown promise including the Stay'n Out Program in New York (Wexler et al., 1992), the Cornerstone Program in Oregon

(Field, 1985), and Key and Crest Programs in Delaware (Martin et al., 1999);

(3) the large number of chronic drug abusers who are incarcerated; and

(4) the need to understand interventions and retention for drug offenders and their related costs.

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