Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) is a community-based self-help group organization modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The basic principles are the same as AA's. The program is based on the ''disease'' model of substance dependence. Achievement and maintenance of abstinence from cocaine is presumed to be facilitated by following the Twelve Steps of CA (which are based on the original Twelve Steps of AA).

CA is available to anyone who expresses a desire to stop using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances. All that is necessary to become a group member is that one attend meetings. Meetings vary from large open ones that anyone can attend to small, closed discussions reserved for specific groups. For example, a group of young people, professionals, or women is organized to address specific concerns. At most meetings, experiences are shared and advice and support are given. Two other components of the CA program are sponsorship and education. A sponsor is a person who has been in recovery for a substantial period of time and who is available at any time to provide support and guidance to the person attempting to recover. Education about the "disease" is provided through pamphlets, books, films, and other literature. CA is recommended by many treatment professionals as the treatment for, or as an important adjunct of treatment for, persons with cocaine problems.

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