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Beer ranks fourth (behind soft drinks, milk, and coffee) in per capita consumption of any kind of beverage, a position it has held for many years. Beer sales, at retail in 1999, were reported by Beverage World to be $54.2 billion, compared to $54.3 billion for soft drinks. This represents 5.99 billion gallons of beer or approximately 500 million bottles/cans of beer.

For 1999, Beverage World reported that Anheuser-Busch Co. had increased its share of the market from 46.6 to 49.9 percent. Miller Brewing Co. (part of Phillip Morris) had 21.3 percent of the market, and Adolph Coors 11.0 percent. According to Anheuser-Busch, in 1998, Budweiser commercials featuring Louis the Lizard and his catchphrase ''We could have been huge'' were rated America s most popular campaign ever. In the January 2000 Super Bowl ads, Budweiser's ''Rex the Dog'' ad rated very high and the catchphrase ''Whassup'' received an advertising award.

The alcoholic spirits market in 1999 tallied $34.05 billion in retail sales and totaled 330 million gallons. Wine came in third in 1999 with retail sales of $17.38 billion, but second in gallonage at 530 million gallons. The combined retail sales of all three totaled $105.63 billion.

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